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Statistics - .store outperforms .top

... AFNIC; in June 2024 alone, .com lost over half a million domains in registrations. There is a change in the nTLDs. As predicted here several times, .store has moved up to third place, pushing .top out of the top 3. Admittedly, the difference is rather small at around 23,000 domains; nevertheless, ...
by Research
Thu 11. Jul 2024, 12:08
Forum: News from the Domain Market
Topic: Statistics - .store outperforms .top
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Re: Long lists in your Freename account

If a customer has hundreds or thousands of entries, the loading times become very long. It is therefore advisable not to set the number of items displayed too high. You can browse through the pages by exchanging the value for offset at the end: ...
by Floki
Fri 7. Jun 2024, 11:05
Forum: Whale Section
Topic: Long lists in your Freename account
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Re: Killer Whales on Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play and

Just connect X / Twitter and click 5 times.

It takes only a few seconds:
by Floki
Mon 20. May 2024, 17:17
Forum: Freename Media & Marketing
Topic: Killer Whales on Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play and more
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Freename & Aloha: Revolutionize Web3 Browsing!

... experience. Now, you can browse Freename Domains directly with Aloha Browser. Do you ever use incognito mode while browsing? You know, for those times when you're exploring the web and want some extra privacy. But have you heard about Aloha Browser? Aloha Browser is in a league of its own, offering ...
by Expert
Tue 16. Jan 2024, 18:55
Forum: Other Freename Providers & Partners
Topic: Freename & Aloha: Revolutionize Web3 Browsing!
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Re: Have u used the pricing tool?

... others have offered for some time now. The tech is there but not being used. I also, like you dont understand the forced pricing model and pay 3 times before you can even get paid half of any sale that wont happen because 9k$ for a web3 domain is crazy even on ENS. But i digress.... I didnt come ...
by jesse21
Mon 9. Oct 2023, 19:57
Forum: SLD Self Pricing
Topic: Have u used the pricing tool?
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Re: What do you think about Freename?

doma9er wrote:We have just one bot, chat bot!

I see, you mean the support chat on I have used it a few times and got a response from the Freename team always immediately.
by Albert Einstein
Sat 30. Sep 2023, 08:47
Forum: Development Proposals & Business Ideas & Feedback
Topic: What do you think about Freename?
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Re: Registrars or Buyers?

I'm sorry Alb, but it looks like you don't know what you're talking about. I understand that you have changed everything many times and in many places there are materials based on screenshots that have long been dead. I ask why nothing has changed in the panel after the minting, and you ...
by doma9er
Fri 29. Sep 2023, 22:19
Forum: Handling & Improvement of Registered Freename Domains
Topic: Registrars or Buyers?
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Freename forum in search

... of April 2023. Less than two months after publication, when searching for the term "Freename" on Bing, this Freename forum appears three times on the first search result page: ranks 4th, 5th and 7th. Most of the other ranks are occupied ...
by Floki
Sat 17. Jun 2023, 18:58
Forum: Internal Forum Topics
Topic: Freename forum in search
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Re: 20$ Discount Code

To celebrate the latest integration with EtherMail, Freename is offering a 20$ coupon code!

Go to and enter the following coupon code at checkout:

by Floki
Fri 2. Jun 2023, 19:31
Forum: Freename
Topic: Overview about all current coupons for Freename
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