Have u used the pricing tool?

TLD owners are able to set the pricing of the NFT domains on their TLDs.
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Have u used the pricing tool?

Postby Nicetoseeyou » Sat 29. Apr 2023, 22:18

Hi guys, have any of you corrected the price of SLD and maybe sold something already ? I'm not sure if I should do it or rather trust in freename price ? What do you think ?
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by Advertising » Sat 29. Apr 2023, 22:18


Re: Have u used the pricing tool?

Postby jesse21 » Mon 9. Oct 2023, 20:57


I have alot to say but I wont, most of it is gripes that freename wont respond to.
Even as a web3 platform and protocol founder, I am not listened to either.
Dont think your alone. My concern here with freename is the focus on earnings
over user experience and product value to end-user. Hyper focus on money
before your offering is up to the standards of the end-user is always a mistake
atleast in my experience. Maybe the overhead here is high, i have no idea
of the business and how its ran here at freename. But there are some missing standard
options that others have offered for some time now. The tech is there but not being used.
I also, like you dont understand the forced pricing model and pay 3 times before you can even get paid half of any sale
that wont happen because 9k$ for a web3 domain is crazy even on ENS.
But i digress.... I didnt come here to take jabs at freename, so i apologize for that.
I do however think its important that someone at freename answer questions related to its costs to users
and why users are charged so much for so little compared to other similar offerings in the web3 sphere.
And why they dont offer an option to mint offsite. Is this to control fees incoming?
It seems that decentralization isnt really a key focus here if you look at all the moving parts.
Except maybe for the rented TLDs that are on a blockchain, the rest is heavily controled and fee'd to death.
I wish you luck and I hope you find the answers you look for. God Speed Degen.

Founder of web3 platforms and protocols, artist, dev, blunt honesty to those who dont want to hear it.

Todays Advice to all:
Honesty with yourself first,,... then being honest with others will be easier...
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Re: Have u used the pricing tool?

Postby Albert Einstein » Tue 10. Oct 2023, 00:12

This is my very personal opinion:
I'm always positively surprised by the reliability and speed of software development at Freename.
Everything runs smoothly and even small software bugs are fixed immediately.
The development quality at Freename is extremely high from my point of view.
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Albert Einstein
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