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PostPosted: Fri 11. Aug 2023, 21:05
by Expert
From Web1 to Web3 - The Transformative Evolution of the Internet

Prepare for an enlightening journey through digital history.

We delve into the past, present, and future of the Internet's transformation.
Only by framing Web3 in the context of the Web's evolution can we begin to glimpse its revolutionary potential and how it might completely transform not just the Internet, but society itself.

This is a journey towards Web3 - a journey filled with discovery and endless possibilities.

Preview our insightful research paper:

‣Web1: The Genesis - Where Cyberspace Emerged, Domains Pioneered, and ICANN Revolutionized.

‣Web2: Interaction Era - ".Com" Dominance, Expanding TLDs, and the Emergence of Decentralization.

‣Web3: The Decentralized Frontier - Domain Evolution, Thriving Startups, and Inexorable Growth.

Find the research here: ... 8672-Rpav/

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PostPosted: Wed 30. Aug 2023, 15:15
by Expert
In a digitally evolved world, Top-Level Domains (TLDs) are undergoing a captivating metamorphosis. Just as the wind shifts directions, trends in the web domain landscape are also evolving.

The future is open and evolving, and with it our way of browsing, identifying, and interacting on the boundless web. If the .com initially marked the beginning of an era, we are now at the dawn of a new chapter, where every rising TLD has the potential to leave an indelible mark on history.

Are you ready to be a part of history?

Find the research here: ... 72096-Jr-d

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PostPosted: Fri 29. Sep 2023, 18:30
by Expert
In the digital age in which we live, the Internet has evolved not just as a mere communication infrastructure, but as an expanding universe, a mosaic of ideas, cultures, and innovations.

Among these brilliant fragments is Web3, the decentralized Internet, where individuals become the main protagonists, the custodians of their digital destiny.

While the sea of Web2 was governed by a few technological giants, Web3 promises to be an ocean of distributed power, where every drop of water has its identity and voice. But, like every sea, this one too has its unique markers. In this context, domains and TLDs (Top-Level Domains) serve as the guiding stars of this digital ocean, steering the ships through the vastness of Web3.

But who are the guardians of these stars? Who holds power over these domains and TLDs that, in this new digital world order, become increasingly pivotal? The analysis unveils a hidden allure, an intricate dance of numbers and ownership that, like a secret code, tells the story of an ever-evolving Internet.

Find the research here: ... 61824-9P3s

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PostPosted: Fri 13. Oct 2023, 21:45
by Expert
In the vast world of the Internet, a fascinating undercurrent exists: the sale of domain names. These unique web addresses represent more than a combination of characters—they are the gateways to digital realms, the banners of online brands, and the business cards of the 21st century.

The history of domain sales is often overlooked. However, a glance at the top 30 sales reveals a staggering cumulative value of over 1.3 billion dollars.
More than 15 of these domains were sold for sums exceeding 10 million dollars each.

Each domain on this list is not just a name but embodies a story, encapsulates a dream, and represents a vision.

Continue reading below to explore The Most Expensive Sales in History and unveil the tales behind these digital treasures.

Find the research here: ... 04096-Kt5O

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PostPosted: Fri 10. Nov 2023, 17:36
by Expert
Like every other Friday, we present a new curated insights paper focused on research to sharpen your decision-making and domain knowledge. This week research is about: The Future of the Internet: Domain Registrars and New TLDs - Guardians of the Web.

With the advent of new gTLDs, the landscape of the Internet has been enriched with new nuances. These digital pioneers offer a broader canvas on which to paint one’s online presence, breaking the traditional boundaries to open up to a global language that embraces diversity and vision.

The growing need for new TLDs is not a fad, but a symptom of our chameleonic nature in the digital world. We want to stand out, be recognized, leave an indelible mark in the electronic sands.

The year 2023 has revealed that, despite the crowd, the Internet remains a horizon open to exploration, a frontier where there is still room to make a mark, to innovate, to assert one’s tailor-made identity.

Enjoy, and let us know your point of view.

Reading time: 6.5 minutes.

Find the research here: ... 3040-D0m6/

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PostPosted: Fri 8. Dec 2023, 16:33
by Expert
In a world where digital presence is synonymous with brand identity, the strategic choice of a domain name transcends mere online existence.

It's a fundamental decision that echoes through every aspect of a company, from the effectiveness of marketing to the competitive stance in the global market.

Through specific case studies, we discover the foresight, precision, and visionary thinking that guide these decisions, highlighting their profound impact on the trajectory of success in the digital realm.

The choice of the correct domain not only defines a better likelihood of online success, but also marks a turning point in the digital destiny of companies and brands.

Read our research below.

Time of reading: 4 minutes

Find the research here: ... 2241--OjT/ ... 53730?s=20

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PostPosted: Fri 2. Feb 2024, 22:10
by Expert
In the glittering arena of gaming, where imagination meets technology, domain names become more than mere web addresses; they transform into magical portals leading to realms of challenge and excitement.

It's a world where strategy, skill, and storytelling merge into a digital ballet, creating unbreakable bonds between players from different cultures and horizons.

With each new domain name, the gaming universe becomes richer, weaving an ever-expanding network of possibilities and horizons. It's an invitation to push the boundaries of imagination further, to explore uncharted territories where the only true guide is a passion for adventure.

Find the research here: ... 1122-2zbQ/