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Freename & Aloha: Revolutionize Web3 Browsing!

... Domains directly with Aloha Browser. Do you ever use incognito mode while browsing? You know, for those times when you're exploring the web and want some extra privacy. But have you heard about Aloha Browser? Aloha Browser is in a league of its own, offering a secure and private browsing experience ...
by Expert
Tue 16. Jan 2024, 18:55
Forum: Other Freename Providers & Partners
Topic: Freename & Aloha: Revolutionize Web3 Browsing!
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End of the Year Founders Statement

... of merging Web2 and Web3, offering a suite of services that seamlessly bridge the gap between traditional and blockchain-based domains. We want to take a moment to thank our Venture Capital firms and Angel Investors for believing in our vision. Thanks to their support, we've successfully ...
by FNfam
Sun 31. Dec 2023, 18:10
Forum: Freename
Topic: End of the Year Founders Statement
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Re: Referral Link in Your Reseller Page

You can do the same thing if you want to direct someone to your reseller page with a specific search parameter already included. This could be used to direct people to a specific SLD search while including your referral link: ...
by Freenamer
Thu 16. Nov 2023, 16:17
Forum: Be a Registrar
Topic: Referral Link in Your Reseller Page
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Re: Freename Research

... that embraces diversity and vision. The growing need for new TLDs is not a fad, but a symptom of our chameleonic nature in the digital world. We want to stand out, be recognized, leave an indelible mark in the electronic sands. The year 2023 has revealed that, despite the crowd, the Internet ...
by Expert
Fri 10. Nov 2023, 17:36
Forum: Freename Media & Marketing
Topic: Freename Research
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WebUnited Launch Event

... This isn’t your typical launch event, it’s a celebration of innovation and the future of Domain Industry. We’re reshaping the standards, and we want you to be part of the journey Invitation: Forum Calendar:
Mon 16. Oct 2023, 10:12
Forum: WebUnited
Topic: Freename and MyCommodity Announce WebUnited
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Re: Have u used the pricing tool?

... the answers you look for. God Speed Degen. Jesse resume: Founder of web3 platforms and protocols, artist, dev, blunt honesty to those who dont want to hear it. Todays Advice to all: Honesty with yourself first,,... then being honest with others will be easier...
by jesse21
Mon 9. Oct 2023, 19:57
Forum: SLD Self Pricing
Topic: Have u used the pricing tool?
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Question regarding freename and the future of SLD minting

... of setup, easy as copy pasta over there and your TLD is now on your own site offering SLD's. They also dont try and rape the TLD owner if they want to mint on the TLD they paid for like freename does. Which is one of the reason why I cant get my TLD going over here. Too costly for anything ...
by jesse21
Mon 9. Oct 2023, 19:27
Forum: Developer Area
Topic: Question regarding freename and the future of SLD minting
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Move out

As the owner of the TLD, I see that I can transfer rights to another wallet. But the question is, what if I want to leave completely and take my TLD to another network? Can I do it? The question is, do TLDs move across networks and platforms?
by doma9er
Fri 29. Sep 2023, 23:46
Forum: Newbie Area
Topic: Move out
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Re: Freename Widget

... for querying domains. Instead it generates a technical form that needs to be implemented first to query domains. It provides an iFrame in case you want to promote your own domains by embedding them in your own website. The widget generates a script that you can integrate into your existing website. ...
Thu 28. Sep 2023, 08:53
Forum: Be a Registrar
Topic: Freename Widget
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Why Decentralized Payments instead of Centralized ones?

Want to escape the confines of centralized systems? Embrace decentralized payments: freedom, speed, and control. Read our paper about overcoming challenges, diversifying, and seizing opportunities with TLDs and unlocking DeFi's ...
by Expert
Tue 25. Jul 2023, 18:16
Forum: Name Your Wallet
Topic: Why Decentralized Payments instead of Centralized ones?
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