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End of the Year Founders Statement

... domains. We want to take a moment to thank our Venture Capital firms and Angel Investors for believing in our vision. Thanks to their support, we've successfully raised $2.5 million in a seed round , propelling us towards even greater heights. As 2023 comes to a close, we're on the ...
by FNfam
Sun 31. Dec 2023, 18:10
Forum: Freename
Topic: End of the Year Founders Statement
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Prices for premium SLDs at Freename

... Luxury $ 995 New $ 995 Newyork $ 995 One $ 995 Online $ 995 Planet $ 995 Premium $ 995 Prime $ 995 Red $ 995 Royal $ 995 Space $ 995 Super $ 995 Support $ 995 Vip $ 995 Visit $ 995 XXX $ 995 One emoji $ 1,490 24 $ 1,990.90 America $ 1,995 Beauty $ 1,995 Block $ 1,995 Digital $ 1995 Fun $ 1,995 ...
by FNfam
Sat 21. Oct 2023, 11:40
Forum: Economy, Prognoses & Monetization of Freename
Topic: Prices for premium SLDs at Freename
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Re: Recognising / Managing SLDs

... they display with the correct information. This is a technical problem and can only be solved by the developers of Freename or OKX. Please open a support ticket. You can contact Freename directly here: Usually they solve such situations immediately.
by 123
Wed 11. Oct 2023, 22:43
Forum: Available & Newly Registered Freename Domains
Topic: Recognising / Managing SLDs
Replies: 8
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Google Cloud and Polygon Labs Join Forces

... Polygon Labs Join Forces to Provide Developer Tools and Enterprise Infrastructure to Accelerate Growth Across Polygon Protocols Google Cloud to support all Polygon protocols, including Polygon PoS, Polygon Supernets, and Polygon zkEVM:
by Expert
Sat 30. Sep 2023, 10:18
Forum: Web3 & Blockchain Technology & Metaverse & Decentralization
Topic: Google Cloud and Polygon Labs Join Forces
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Re: What do you think about Freename?

doma9er wrote:We have just one bot, chat bot!

I see, you mean the support chat on I have used it a few times and got a response from the Freename team always immediately.
by Albert Einstein
Sat 30. Sep 2023, 08:47
Forum: Development Proposals & Business Ideas & Feedback
Topic: What do you think about Freename?
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Re: Freename Widget

... is completely new. The service has been offered for less than a year. Freename is very strong in product development, marketing and customer support. Freename's management is very trustworthy and very innovative. Also, Freename has just received a bigger amount of funding: ...
Thu 28. Sep 2023, 08:53
Forum: Be a Registrar
Topic: Freename Widget
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Freename Secures Seed Round

... signaling confidence in the Web3 ecosystem. As a frontrunner in Web3 TLDs and Domains, this capital infusion symbolizes more than just financial support; it's a testament to our disruptive business model and the promising horizon ahead.
by Expert
Thu 7. Sep 2023, 15:46
Forum: Freename
Topic: Freename Secures Seed Round
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Unlock Digital Asset Ownership

... Gnosis Safe, Safe spun out with a mission to build a better standard for ownership with smart contract accounts. Since 2018, Safe has grown to support several EVM chains.
by Expert
Sat 20. May 2023, 11:26
Forum: Own Your Digital Identity
Topic: Unlock Digital Asset Ownership
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Re: .potus is under us

Very smart move! The Twitter handle POTUS is very popular.
The question remains: Who registered this domain? Joe Biden himself or a friend of him who would like to support him?
by Expert
Mon 15. May 2023, 19:38
Forum: Available & Newly Registered Freename Domains
Topic: .potus is under us
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Re: What an AI wrote and said about Freename

... an excellent choice for businesses and individuals looking to establish their online presence. Moreover Freename provides exceptional customer support to its customers - making it easy for businesses to manage their domains effectively. The platform is user friendly and businesses do not require ...
Thu 11. May 2023, 13:28
Forum: Newbie Area
Topic: What an AI wrote and said about Freename
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