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Freename DNS Installer

Postby Expert » Sun 3. Mar 2024, 14:17

‎Start surfing Web3 Domains

The new Freename Web3 DNS service lets you take a peek into what the future looks like. A future where you can take full advantage of Web3 domains to connect, create, communicate, share, all natively from any connected device or browser.

The Freename DNS leverages NOTO, a new technology developed by Freename that aggregates data of all Web3 domains active on all blockchains and makes them easily available through the same DNS technology you use every day to navigate Web2 domains. NOTO's goal is to enable all ISPs of the world to offer native Web3 domains resolution to all their users. ... 6477822761
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by Advertising » Sun 3. Mar 2024, 14:17


Re: Freename DNS Installer

Postby Expert » Wed 13. Mar 2024, 15:18

Discover the Freename DNS, resolve any web3 domain directly in your browser. One solution, no plugins, no add-ons.

Download Guide: ... ME_DNS.pdf

More information:
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