Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)

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Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)

Postby www.freename.online » Sat 26. Aug 2023, 12:34

A central bank digital currency (CBDC; also called digital fiat currency or digital base money) is a digital currency issued by a central bank, rather than by a commercial bank. It is also a liability of the central bank and denominated in the sovereign currency, as is the case with physical banknotes and coins.

In 2023, the central banks of 114 countries accounting for 95% of the world’s GDP were said to be in various stages of evaluating the launch of a national digital currency.

If you consider using or planning activities with CBDC for any purpose, it's possible to register SLDs under:


These are the CBDCs of the biggest neational economies of the world.
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