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Freename Web3 Extension

Postby » Sun 23. Apr 2023, 08:26

Browse Freename Domains using Freename’s Web3 Browser Extension:

Extension for Firefox: ... extension/

Extension for Chrome: ... iadhjglkee

Extension for Brave: ... iadhjglkee
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Re: Freename Web3 Extension

Postby Page Howe » Thu 29. Jun 2023, 14:13

I think this is the most useful link we all need to be sharing, heres a sample intro I use for my friends and family

Many of you know Ive been in domain names for awhile, theres some new things happening and I may start some New Top Level Domains, but they are new and aren't automatically seen on every computer like .com, .net.

There is however a google chrome and firefox browser plugin extension that is approved and safe, if you install it you'll be able to see the links i share. Thanks appreciated and let me know if i can ever help you friends or associates with any domain name questions. ... iadhjglkee
Page Howe
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Re: Freename Web3 Extension

Postby Expert » Sun 2. Jul 2023, 13:16

Thank you for the helpful resources. A huge collection of video tutorials from Page Howe can be found here:
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